Ikebana for Healing
A personal series created at the height of the covid-19 pandemic
to help bring strength, support and healing during a turbulent time.

Spotify & branding illustration for Ghost Days

Slowly, Slowly, Away
Cover art created for Ghost Days' single EP release Slowly, Slowly, Away,
available for streaming on Spotify.

Ranunculus for a brighter future, beginnings & new growth. Calendula for physical healing & Hawthorn for strengthening the heart. Echinacea for fighting off disease & Lavender for easing the mind. Rose for fighting depression & lifting spirits. Protea Protea for courage & hope. Passion flower for emotional strength & Jasmine for digestion.

Weekend Home: The Mountain House
Weekend Home is a consciously curated hospitality company that provides green getaways for your off-hour needs. I created full color illustrations for take home postcards, a full spread map in a newsprint guide and spot illustrations used on various print and digital spaces.

Swarm App
A playful spot illustration was created for the digital landing page of the location tracking app, Swarm. Full illustrations can be viewed here. Created at Zero Studios.

100 Days Growing Up Japanese
As an exploration into my childhood, I illustrated icons, symbols, and cultural items that speak to what it is like growing up half Japanese Asian American.

I was invited to collaborate with the cake delivery service Moon, a platform for getting cakes delivered same-day packaged with all the necessary utensils. For the prelaunch of the platform I created 16 original cake illustrations for guests to vote for their top 3 favorite cakes that are worthy of same-day delivery. The full project can be viewed here. Visit the site here.

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
To announce a new global site redesign, custom illustrations were animated and conceived to better portray high level concepts for new features and for Carlson's loyalty program, Club Carlson. All custom illustrations and icons can be viewed here. Created at Wondersauce.

Greater New York Hospital Association
Illustrations were created to help define a new brand voice for GNYHA, making healthcare better for NYC residents, hospitals, and employees. View the site here. Created at Wondersauce.

Alongside designing a new overarching brand ecosystem for Foursquare concept spot illustrations were visualized to further develop the brand personality in the isometric style. Created at Zero Studios.